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La Bella di Cerignola Olives

“La bella di Cerignola” is an olive cultivar that is grown in a small area of ​​the province of Foggia, in Cerignola, from which the name derives. Its fundamental characteristic is that of being a large olive with an elongated shape and a fleshy and compact pulp. It is special to be enjoyed as an aperitif or appetizer and excellent when used, when cooked, in combination with baked fish. It is a native variety which has always been used by the Apulians and which today has conquered tables all over the world for its qualities. Its taste, clean and decisive, also conquers children who are the greatest admirers of this olive.

La Bella di Cerignola olives


ORGANIC PASTA WITH 100% “SENATORE CAPPELLI” WHEAT Each product is slightly different from the others, so that each of them can be considered a unique piece. The handcrafted product mustn’t show any problem during the cooking phase as, for example, the inadequate endurance…

Vegetables in extra oil

Among the best olive oils we find those produced in Puglia.
It’s natural that the most exquisite italian specialities are made
here. Aubergines, lampascioni, artichokes, are just some of the
excellent products concerning the preserves…

Cured meat

Cured meats coming from a small artisan company producing high-quality cold cuts, in the green heart of Monti Dauni.
The company goes with an ancient and historic butcher shop
that has been operating since 1826 and their offices are in a
very ancient town…

Extravirgin oil

The characteristics of the oil from Puglia are given by a certain series of elements which made Puglia, in the past and nowadays, the best producer of oil in Italy either for quantity of oil produced and for its healthy and nourishing qualities and, last but not least, for its goodness and fragrance...

Who we are

Foodinpuglia is a new company which keeps busy with marketing and distribution of agricultural products, typiacal of Puglia.
Rich in old gastronomical traditions, Puglia has been able to keep its simplicity over the years.
Our aim is to recommend products that respect the craftmanship of the past and that can exalt the quality of the raw materials respecting the tradition.
The suppliers guarantee the simplicity thanks to the freshness of their products that are picked up according to seasonality. It’s possible that, during the year, a particular product can’t be available, because of the absence of a particular raw material.

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