Extravirgin oil

The characteristics of the oil from Puglia are given by a certain series of elements which made Puglia, in the past and nowadays, the best producer of oil in Italy either for quantity of oil produced and for its healthy and nourishing qualities and, last but not least, for its goodness and fragrance The organoleptic qualities of extravirgin olive oil from Puglia are marked by its low acidity, which cannot excede 1%; in this way, the goodness and the duration of its preservation are guaranteed. The oil contains some substances and elements that are fundamental for our health: oleic acid, tocopherol (a powerful antioxidant), carotene and Vitamin E, which affect in particular the prevention of the ageing and the degenerative diseases. The quality of the oil that makes it so special and delicious derives, also and above all, from the harvest and manufacturing techniques that, in the region, is esclusively hand-made, giving the operators the opportunity to select the fruits, to reject the bad or damaged ones, in order to avoid the final product to be of undesired quality. And then…the goodness! When you open a bottle of oil from Puglia you’ll smell a poem made by fragrances that will remind you the fresh scent of the grass, the fragrance of Macchia Mediterranea and the fruit.

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