Each product is slightly different from the others, so that each of them can be considered a unique piece. The handcrafted product mustn’t show any problem during the cooking phase as, for example, the inadequate endurance or the annoying cracks. Each pdoduct loti s accurately tested and evaluated before the sale. The working is made with very delicate techniques which respect the product and preserve flavors and tastes proper of the homemade pasta, differently from the industrial product. The raw materials are selected in the countries from Puglia. Their origin, certified and trackable, allow us to grant a very high quality standard. The raw materials are selected via production chain agreements with the local farmers. To buy our products means to economically support a whole territory.. Each component, from the wheat to the labels, comes from italian lands. We chose to utilize organic raw materials in order to save biodiversity and to donate flavours and tastes proper of our land.

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