La Bella di Cerignola

“La bella di Cerignola” is an olive cultivar that is grown in a small area of ​​the province of Foggia, in Cerignola, from which the name derives.
Its fundamental characteristic is that of being a large olive with an elongated shape and a fleshy and compact pulp.
It is special to be enjoyed as an aperitif or appetizer and excellent when used, when cooked, in combination with baked fish.
It is a native variety which has always been used by the Apulians and which today has conquered tables all over the world for its qualities.
Its taste, clean and decisive, also conquers children who are the greatest admirers of this olive.
The “Bella di Cerignola” olive, thanks to its nutritional value deriving from the particular pedo-climatic environment in which it is grown, unique in its kind and therefore not repeatable in other areas, in the year 2000 obtained the European registration as “The Bella della Daunia DOP”. To this value are added the history, the gastronomy, the beauty of the landscape, the traditions, the habits, the agricultural culture of the people. The most beautiful and largest olives, those with requirements that meet the provisions of the production regulations of the DOP La Bella della Daunia variety Bella di Cerignola, are transformed and marketed by the Cooperative both as green olives and as black olives, with this prestigious European recognition of Protected Designation of Origin.

average values for 100 gr of product
ENERGY VALUE Kcal 169 Kjoule 694
TOTAL FAT 17,50 g
satured fat 3,60 g
sugars 0,01 g
PROTEIN 0,98 g
SALT 4,0 g

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